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 May 14, 2011    Arno the Hunter for the Iphone

Another of my free-time projects is finally finished. I'm the co-author of Arno the Hunter, an action & shooting game for the Iphone and other IOS devices. You can read more about the game on the linked page, or starting 5/16/2011 purchase it on the app store.

 Oct 01, 2010    Dark Visions Finished

In the background of normal jobs and everything else, Josh Hess and I have been working on an adventure game for a couple years. I'm not sure how long it would have taken full time, but we still put in significant hours. Making an adventure game this long and maintaining the art quality we did was a lot of work.

At the Dark Visions website you can read more about it, and play the full game for free!
Tenth Play will also be updated soon.

 May 30, 2009    New version of Pointy Stone Othello

At long last I've finally updated my Othello program. You can download the newest version from my Pointy Stone Othello page.

It's the least downloaded among the game playing programs I've made, but it was the first one I made, and I'm rather fond of it. I didn't spend a real long time on this update, but I managed to do a lot of little things and clean up the code more. Playing strength is improved only slightly. The biggest new feature is an analysis mode.

It's the only program that I've made that learned its evaluation values. I want to revisit the automatic learning now that I have so many spare CPU cycles. Also I need to revisit my pruning method. Still, Pointy is not too far behind the very best Othello programs in most areas, except its lack of a big opening book can leave it without much of chance sometimes.

 Feb 21, 2008    Moved Again

This week I finished moving. (Yet again, seems to happen every year or two.) I don't think I missed any email, and I don't update this site very often nowadays so nothing missed there =)

I am now working for Intel on game engine stuff.

 Nov 07, 2007    Flash Web Game : Xantrolex Classic

We've finished our first real Flash game : Xantrolex Classic.

It's not the most advanced game in the world, but I think it's good-quality for a free Flash game and a lot of fun. In fact one of the goals was to see how much we could get done in a small amount of time. Unsurprisingly, it took longer than expected to finish. But it was also a learning experience, and if we do a next one it should be quicker.

You'll probably notice it's not on the 3DKingdoms site. We decided on a new site to experiment with advertising, plus it will make organizational sense if we make more online games.