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Weekly Articles
Articles on various subjects related to 3D programming. Contains small technical articles and general topic descriptions. My goal is to have something new once a week.

Normal Mapping
A programming tutorial on using normal mapping to render low resolution meshes to look like high resolution meshes. It is mainly about using object-space normal mapping on skeletally animated meshes.

3D Selection
This programming tutorial describes methods used to select objects in a 3D editor, but even if you're more interested in 3D programming in general, there probably will be times when you can apply the ideas covered here.

Inverse Kinematics
A programming tutorial on implementing inverse kinematics mainly concentrating on legs/arms. This tutorial is unfinished.

3D Editor Programming
Some general notes from my experiences creating 3D editing software. It gives an overview from a programming perspective of some of the systems and techniques used for 3D Kingdoms Creator, my latest project.

Programming Thoughts
Here is where I put some of my random thoughts on programming. This isn't a tutorial, but I feel it fits best in this section.