Slow Chess Blitz by Jonathan Kreuzer

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Slow Chess is a strong free chess program.

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Download Slow Chess Blitz Classic 2.1:

for Windows (64-bit): 2.0 MB
updated May 1, 2020

for Linux (64-bit): SlowChessClassic-Linux-2.1.tar.gz 1.4 MB
updated May 8, 2020 (console engine only requires UCI or Winboard GUI)

  • Using Slow Chess : Own GUI or Winboard / UCI
  • Update History
  • slow64.exe is faster, but if it doesn't run on an older cpu try slow64_noPop.exe. (Linux version doesn't include noPop compile at this time .)
  • Features:

    Older Versions :

    Classic 2.0 for Windows (64-bit): (1.9 MB)

    Classic 1.9 for Windows (64-bit): (1.8 MB)

    Classic 1.8 for Windows (64-bit): (1.7 MB)

    Classic 1.7 for Windows (64-bit): (1.5 MB)

    Classic 1.6 for Windows (64-bit): (1.5 MB)

    Classic 1.5 for Windows (64-bit): (1.5 MB)

    Classic 1.4 for Windows (64-bit): (1.5 MB)

    Classic 1.0 for Windows (64-bit): (1.2 MB)

    Ancient Versions :

    Slow Chess Blitz WV2.1 for windows XP/Vista/Me/2000: ( 584 KB )
    Download endgame bitbases, this is optional. (Unzip to the same directory as the .exe): ( 553 KB )

    What's New.txt for Blitz 0.4 - WV2.1 versions

    Slow Chess Blitz WV2 :

    Note: Version numbers change with playing style/strength changes. Otherwise the version just gets a newer letter. Read What's New for info on latest updates.
    Version History.txt (changes from 2.82 to 2.96)

    Slow Chess Blitz WV: ( 541KB )

    Slow Chess Blitz 0.4: ( 508KB )

    Slow Chess 2.94: (498 KB )

    Slow Chess 2.89b: (472 KB)

    Slow Chess 2.82: (444 KB)

    Very Old (and messy) Source Code:

    Slow Chess 2.96: (86 KB). Details in Readme296.txt
    2.96 is an open source 2.94 chess engine (with a few very small changes.) This source code is for the engine only, it does not include the GUI source. So you must run it using winboard or UCI. It compiles with Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0. This is a much stronger chess engine than 2.82a, and the code should be clearer too, and without assembly language.
    If you want my test compiled .exe, and an opening book, download (442 KB)
    Slow 2.96 and Blitz WV can use the bitbases downloadable above. No other versions use these bitbases, although all others have a different and incompatible KPK.sbb. Books are comptible between all versions.

    Slow Chess 2.82a: ( 155 KB). It is compiled in Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0. It's mostly in C/C++, but also uses assembly language code for move generation and attack checking. The assembly language code offers almost no speed up compared to recent compilers, but when compared to older compilers (specifically the one I first used to compile Slow Chess 2.0,) it made the movement/attack code 2 or 3 times faster. Some code isn't currently used, like the see.cpp and a few various functions that I started but didn't finish.

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